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sunnuntai 22.07.2012

Here´s a bit of a public post about protein with pics.
Sorry about the typos and grammatical errors. ;)

Protein! So much protein!
My body handles protein quite nicely: it uses it to build muscles, for energy, to recover and there´s no bloating and I have a flat stomach even after eating. You also don´t feel hungry that quickly unlike with carbs. Too bad most of the time - the picky eater I am - I don´t like following high protein diet. But when I do, I do try to get as much protein as possible anywhere I can. Minimum being 2,5g/kg on a daily basis, but normally I end up getting around 3g/kg or so. Remember that it´s best to get protein on each meal (30-40g a pop) so your body can utilize it the best. If you end up eating all of your protein in one meal, it will be used as energy or stored as fat. All those lovely possibilities to fix the micro fractures in your muscles after a workout, gone to waste! :D
What do I eat on my diet?
- low fat kvark with berries
- low fat cottage cheese with banana, nektarins etc.
- low fat minced meat, preferably chicken or turkey
- low fat spreadable cheese (this is a bit of a quirkyness of mine)
- bacon
- protein supplements
- tuna

Sometimes I also eat:
- frozen vegetables like peas+corn+carrot or broccoli
- natural chicken or turkey filés fried in a pan with oil & seasoning

With low fat options I can control the quality and quantity of fat I get daily. I also don´t like the "taste" of fat :) . Hence I rather leave out the butter completely (and use oil) than switch into real butter or cream when it comes to cooking. Also with low fat options I can use those calories e.g. for protein.
I prefer low carb diet to huge amounts of fat/oil in my diet, and in my experience even 6g/kg of protein in your diet doesn´t harm kidneys or liver in short term if you remember to drink sufficiently and exercise. Things might be different if you already have a kidney problem, then I suggest you consult your doctor before trying a low carb diet.

Personally I didn´t get into ketosis (which sometimes happens when you loose the fast energy/sugar and your glycogen storages are empty) even when I had only 2g of carbs daily and ate that 6g/kg protein every day. Propably because of the high protein intake. Still burned fat AND grew muscle on a diet.
If you don´t want to be very vigorous or strict with the diet, I can feel the difference when I get 50-100g of carbs in a day and protein min 2g/kg. My way does not necessarily suit everybody.
Maybe you have to find yours. :)

Over ´n out!

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1. Pandensson sanoi...


Noi ruokakuvat on kyllä niin suoraan mun jääkaapista. :D Paitsi että rahkaa en enää syö kovin usein kun se alko pursuamaan jo kaikista ruumiinaukoista.

sunnuntai 22.07.2012 klo 09:41

2. Sugarmindy sanoi...

Pekonia ja sulatejuustoa täältä ei löydy kuin todella harvoin, muuten aika samaa linjaa. Rahkaa löytyy sitten senkin edestä :D

But why in English post? O.o

sunnuntai 22.07.2012 klo 10:42

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